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Customer networks

For our customers who use the extended customer management (independent “Customer management” module) in ems, the customer hierarchies will now be continuously converted into customer networks. Until now, all contacts could be maintained and mapped mainly in hierarchies. The possibility of representing the relationships between individual contacts in the form of networks, which exists at the same time, is being further developed and should replace the traditional hierarchies.

In a hierarchy, a customer can only ever have one parent relationship with another customer. In contrast, a network allows the formation of arbitrary relationships.

In the list of addresses as well as in the network tree all contacts have symbolic representation. When you move the cursor to the symbol in the “Code” column, the address type is displayed.

An arrow in front of the symbol indicates that the contact is subordinate to another.

You can click on any contact in the network tree to open it.

For a new relationship, click on the “magnifying glass” and find the contact to be linked via the search. Select the relationship type for the opened contact (1) and the one to be linked (2). At the end press “Save”.

To create a new contact related to the opened contact, click on “New relationship”: a new contact will be created.

The type of the new relationship can be specified directly when creating a contact. If the relationship type is not selected, the new contact will be stored with the “Unknown” relationship. After saving the address, the relationship can be changed subsequently in the “Relationships” tab.

From now on it will not be possible to create new hierarchies. Working with networks becomes a mandatory requirement.