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3CX Phone System

You can connect your 3CX phone system directly to the ems system. This allows the contact data to be automatically signaled for incoming calls.

Setup in ems Web

Start your ems system and click on “System settings” in the user menu, then switch to the “Interfaces” tab. At the end of the list click on the “Plus” icon.

Select “3CX – Query contact details” from the list. You do not need to make any further settings after that.

Important: You need the automatically created data such as web service URL and the API key to set up the phone system.

Setup 3CX

Download the 3CX CRM Template Editor.

error messages

  • If no API key is provided, the response “unauthorized” is returned.
  • If the API key is invalid or the interface has been deleted, the response “forbidden” is returned.